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Speaker profile

Hello, I’m Jasper Duizendstra, a seasoned cloud architect, international speaker, and enthusiastic traveller. With over a decade of deep-rooted experience in the Google platform, I have guided clients through the complex terrain of technology transitions, making me a trusted navigator in the cloud computing space.

Since 2016, I’ve been recognized as a Google Developer Expert (GDE) specializing in Google Workspace. I am adept at offering guidance and leadership to global organizations, enabling them to harness the power of cloud computing to transform their operations. Further amplifying my contributions to this dynamic field, I’ve been a Cloud Innovator since 2021, providing innovative solutions to complex technology challenges.

My professional journey includes successfully leading migrations of data and applications to the cloud for diverse clients. This has seen me harness my hands-on experience and deep understanding of various service systems like Workspace, Apps Script, BigQuery, and Cloud Run, which have proven invaluable in delivering impactful results for these projects.

Outside my professional sphere, I have a profound passion for mentoring and nurturing other developers. I firmly believe in the power of coaching to unlock potential and foster growth in the tech community. Through one-on-one mentoring, group sessions, and online resources, I am proud to be part of developing a vibrant, skilled, and knowledgeable community of developers.

Currently, I operate as a freelance cloud architect from my home office located in the eastern part of the Netherlands. I leverage my extensive technical skills and experience to build remote bridges, enabling seamless collaboration across diverse cultures, technologies, and management levels. Through this, I help organizations navigate the digital transformation journey effectively, regardless of their geographical location.


Date Event Name Session Title Location
2023-07-15 I/O Extended 2023 - GDG London Unleash the potential of Google Workspace & Google Drive London

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